Bhoot Police Review: Good acting but Story Sucks | 9th Sep 2021

Story: The film follows Vibhooti and Chiraunji, two brothers who are hired to either capture or kill a demon. Initially, they turn down the offer, but after encountering the tea estate in the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh- India’s northern-most state- they can’t resist.

Bhoot Police Review:

Can the two help the wealthy-turned-bankrupt sisters, from the aatma that hunts at night? Director Pavan Kirpalani’s horror-comedy has its moments but the childishness outruns the quirkiness. Relevant one-liners on nepotism and references to go-corona-go are hilarious.

The film opens with a scene set in an unknown village and this provides an intriguing start to your story. Saif Ali Khan, who seems to be playing someone from the same village but has accented the dialogue with an anglicized accent- it’s this last detail that leads to some unintended humor. I really enjoy his ability to write about unheroic characters, but it can also be a hindrance to the story. The depiction of the secondary character is interesting throughout the story

Arjun & Yami seem to be sincere in this movie. They’re the only characters who understand the story they’re supposed to be telling. Jacqueline & Saif come across as tourists in this part of India’s culture – they might not have been invested in their character. Stree is a great example of horror & comedy that seem to go hand-in-hand rather than undermine each other. The Police of Haunting (Bhoot Police) hopes to mock the fake, deceitful “babas” who dupe people. It hopes to challenge superstitions and blind faith and eventually challenge its own premise. The story isn’t an issue as much as the inconsistent thinking behind it. While the Johnny Lever comedy fails to deliver, Jamie Lever – filmmaker and comedian – is a star. If you must watch this film, watch it for her.

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